The Tortoise & The Crow: Triple Album by The Grouch & Eligh

tortoiseAs hip-hop naturally changes over time, it becomes more challenging for artists and listeners to maintain a mutual commitment towards each other, especially when styles and personal tastes evolve. When I think of two rappers who have successfully maintained a loyal and dedicated fanbase in this fast-paced digital age, The Grouch and Eligh immediately come to mind. 

Back when I was in high school, The Grouch and Eligh were part of a crew called Living Legends that changed the way I viewed hip-hop music.  Regardless of whether you listened to mainstream acts in the late 90s (i.e. Nas, Jay-Z, 2Pac) and/or underground acts (i.e. Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Company Flow), these artists were all signed to major or independent labels to help push their music to a large targeted audience.  Keep in mind, this is when the internet was not around much.

In contrast, Living Legends did everything on their own without a label, and eventually spawned successful solo careers, especially for The Grouch and Eligh.  Despite their ever-growing fanbase, both The Grouch and Eligh have stayed true to the Do-It-Yourself style for over a decade, whether it has involved solo albums, or collaboration albums under the duo name of G&E.  They have faced many obstacles in this business, yet come back stronger with each project, further cementing their mark on music.  What strikes me in particular is that The Grouch and Eligh do not just speak to my generation, but also the future young generation of hip-hop listeners who appreciate originality and quality.  As a grown man, I would have never imagined that I would see junior high kids walking down the sidewalk near Venice Beach singing along lyrics to the “Say G&E!” song that came blasting from my car (this happened last summer).

Now, in one week The Grouch and Eligh will be releasing another project under the G&E name, this time an unprecedented triple disc album called The Tortoise and The Crow.  It will consist of one G&E album called 333, one Grouch album called Lighthouses, and one Eligh album called Nomads.  The Grouch and Eligh already shattered their Kickstarter goal to facilitate the album’s release.  In addition, they recently held a special listening party in San Francisco that I was lucky enough to attend.  I can confirm that the new music is (not surprisingly) dope as hell and reminds me why I love this culture.  Peep the latest singles from the new album below:

The Tortoise and The Crow will be available on iTunes on February 18.  Check for G&E tour dates coming to a city near you.  Don’t sleep on this! -Markis Precise

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10 Responses to The Tortoise & The Crow: Triple Album by The Grouch & Eligh

  1. Thabtos says:

    Nice post, already pre-ordered the album. If it’s half the quality of their previous material, it will already be a classic.

  2. Jamal says:

    These two brothers literally impacted my life for the better during tough times i was going through. it’s a wonderful thing how music can positively affect the world.

  3. bautista says:

    word, been following these cats for years now, even own a few of their cassete tapes back in the day. can’t wait to hear the new songs!

  4. Yes says:

    G&E fans are the best and advanced

  5. Bwon says:

    Both Grouch and Eligh are some of my biggest inspirations to staying positive. I own practically their entire catalog and their music is so truthful and beautiful. Proud to back their Kickstarter!

  6. Parker says:


  7. struggle says:

    Damn i can’t wait for them to come to my town during the tour. Was sad when G&E Stole Christmas didn’t come last december but this is even better. Peace to grouch and eligh everyone loves yall!

  8. Ruby says:

    super talented artists right here. eligh even designed one of my friend’s tattoos. see you both at the Cervantes show next month!

  9. chalks on the track says:

    it’s rare for a dope artist’s music to get even better over time. whenever either grouch or eligh (or both as G&E) release something new, i like it even better than their previous work, which is saying a lot!

  10. Damien says:

    Grouch saw your post.