Markis Precise’s new album “Impressions” now available

ImpressionsImpressions by Markis Precise is a new instrumental album containing live instrumentation dedicated to what many argue to be hip-hop’s greatest decade. Can you guess which decade I’m talking about?  Thanks for the support, and spread the word.

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22 Responses to Markis Precise’s new album “Impressions” now available

  1. clean_kut310 says:

    stumbled upon your album and i gotta say it takes me back. lookin forward to volume 2!

  2. fortified live says:

    dope beats, by any chance is this available on vinyl?

    • Markis Precise says:

      Sorry, only available on CD and digital. I definitely appreciate you asking though, it seems vinyl is becoming less used by DJs now!

  3. elixerz says:

    heard this on spotify. are you working with any mc’s?

  4. NY NY says:


  5. Sotbaht says:

    ras kass…. brilliant

  6. Dex says:

    copped the album and love it. takes me back to the good days. peace and respect

  7. Dirty Dusty says:

    Yo Markis, I used to be a fan of your stuff way back with Basement. Are you working with any groups right now? Email me on the address I provided, would love to work with you bro.

  8. Will says:

    I don’t listen to hip-hop regularly anymore but I was a fan in the 90’s growing up in Baltimore. I had to google around to remind me of the originals. Anyway, I like your renditions of “Buck Em Down” and “Temperature’s Rising”, 2 songs I used to have in regular rotation. “Can It All Be So Simple” is a haunting rendition. Thanks for the creativity!

  9. minus 9 says:

    Did you play most of the melodies, or redo the samples? What equipment or programs do you use?

    • Markis Precise says:

      I would say the tracks are 95% played from scratch, with a few vocal or instrument samples sprinkled in. I used a Yamaha Motif ES7 keyboard to play the melodies, and recorded them into Adobe Audition (or Cool Edit for the old-timers).

  10. Bri says:

    love the album, can’t wait for more!

  11. 2Swift says:

    great album, been a long time basement fan. keep it up

  12. Los Angelo says:

    yo markis, a coworker let me borrow your impressions cd cause she said i would probably like it since i’m always listening to “old school” at work. needless to say she was right and i love your album. i grew up on this culture and your cd really captures the essence of the 90s, something that i think is hard for producers to pull off these days. what do i knwo though, i’m just someone who enjoys listening to quality nonconforming hip-hop. anyways much respect and i definitely look forward to hearing more.

  13. Aknatat says:

    played this all night in paris lounge, lots of luv markis XOXOXO

  14. kody says:

    Good feeling album all the way thru, always nice to hear a producer that can also play the keys well, you got a jazzy feel that comes off naturally

  15. jantz says:

    yo markis, saw an online post where your album was mentioned as a ‘best of 2012’ so decided to download it. ridiculously dope, surprised i hadn’t heard of this before but glad i discovered it

  16. 206ness says:

    hey markis, i have been wanting to learn how to play the piano/keyboard for a while. i feel like most producers who use the keyboard just hit simple notes, something that my 3 year old son can do. but your piano skills are pretty evident on your album like at the end of “hey bonita”. io have never received lessons, so i wonder where does someone like me start? feel free to e-mail if you have time.

  17. 718 says:


  18. Hiro says:

    very refreshing to hear this precise, in my opinion your best work

  19. Gabe says:

    awesome beats but where is a MC