Fashawn – “Ladies” (Produced by Hecktik)

fashawn ladiesToday on Valentine’s Day, Fashawn delivers a new track called “Ladies”, which pays homage to the hardworking women who struggle to stay strong and raise the next generation.  The beat is produced by Hecktik, who kindly invited me to provide some additional piano keys on the track.

With this song, the “rapper’s rapper” continues to drop gems to quench the hip-hop world’s thirst as it awaits his highly anticipated sophomore album The Ecology.  -Markis Precise

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13 Responses to Fashawn – “Ladies” (Produced by Hecktik)

  1. Shockmaster says:

    I’ve been following Fashawn since day one. From his early beginnings, to him being on XXL magazine cover, to him touring with Brother Ali, The Grouch, etc, to his album with Murs, to now. He is the epitome of a true emcee, the sky is the limit and this is only the beginning.

  2. Aquafina says:

    Dare anyone to tell me that he didn’t rip the hell out of that dope beat. The real hip hop is over here.

  3. Rockbeat says:

    And he does it again. Can’t wait for the ecology!

  4. Ruby says:

    This is for the ladies truly in the struggle. The world needs more rappers like Fashawn, I love him and his music!

  5. Letters to Cleopatra says:

    Fashawn needs to stop by Germany again on tour. Berlin misses you!!! 🙂

  6. Sob Sea says:

    Music for the soul. One love.

  7. Geology says:

    It’s hard sometimes for rappers to express their emotions sometimes but fash always does it in a raw way straight from the heart

  8. magnetic south says:

    the world ain’t ready for the ecology, so proud these guys represent the 559. much love yall

  9. literacy says:

    this song it on point, love it

  10. Fireman stan says:

    Damn this man is dope, honestly i saw that video Same Folks he did with evidence and liked it a lot but didn’t take time to look him up until recently. Now peeping Boy Meets World album and shit is so damn real

  11. Goi Sha says:

    Fashawn rocking that Hieroglyphcis shirt, that is awesome

  12. wyatt says:

    Classic throwback sound, can’t wait for the ecology album!