Amp Live – Headphone Concerto (Pre-Order Specials)

Headphone Concerto
There is no doubt that Amp Live is one of the most talented music producers today.  His longevity speaks volumes and spans more than a decade, from his role as one half of the hip-hop duo Zion I, to his collaborations with high-profile artists, to his beats being featured in movies, TV shows, and commercials.

Despite all of his accomplishments, Amp Live often remains relatively low-key and humble, letting his music speak for itself.  With that said, there is nothing low-key about his new album Headphone Concerto, to be released on August 5.  The spotlight will truly be on Amp here, as he showcases his versatile production styles through solo tracks and collaborations with a grade-A list of respected MCs and singers.

Right now, you can pre-order Headphone Concerto on Amp Live’s official website through this link.  For a limited time only, there are special package deals that include autographed posters, t-shirts, vinyl records, headphones, sound packs, and even MIDI controllers for the music enthusiast.  I’ve already ordered one of the packages, make sure you do the same before it’s too late!  -Markis

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2 Responses to Amp Live – Headphone Concerto (Pre-Order Specials)

  1. G&E Fiend says:

    A-a-a-amp live, get loose!

  2. Meddy says:

    Been a fan since early Zion I days, looking forward to this